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sorry, livejournal, for neglecting you as i have. i've moved on to tumblr, twitter> and the facebook. i'll still always come back to you for bitching and drunken rants.

i am working on a "365 days of me" or "project 365". just began today. if you're interested, go to my tumblr account and check it out. i'm doing the project 365 AND just posting stupid pictures and things i find from the internet and random areas and far corners of the internet. because, ya know, what god is the internet if you're not posting stupid pictures?

check it out cause i plan to have some good shit up there soon. if nothing else, i think the Project 365 will be good. and if yer not in the know about project 365, it's essentially me taking a picture from my daily life for an entire year. gonna do my best to keep with this all year.

life promises to be good this year so, keep up with me!

the count

well, i stated drining at eleven. walked down to the liquor store for smokes and ended up with that and a couple 40's.

smoked the pack of smokes and went through the two 40's. was sitting here and koz came up with two more 40's just for me. i love the people i live with.

hooay for booze and awesome people!

today, i'm reliving the olden days.
sarturday will be me going to the movies to see juno with a cute girl. drinks afterward of course. it'll be a good night.

always been a religous man

about to lay down .i wish misty was here to lay with me.
i'd waited for her since high school. tonight, i felt her lips on mine. damn, i can't get passed it. it was amazing. yeah, indeed.

drama dram goddamned drama

here recently, it seems the more i try ti slip under the cracks and avoid this shit, the more it seems to find me.
goddamn it all.
my bed is cold with no one to share it with. as much as i put on the happy face, seeing these kids and their great relationships and shit going well and fantastic, well that's almost too much for me the longer i see it. it's almost as though scott and courtney go around the corner to kiss just so i won't see them. it's sweet and sickening. i suppose i just want to feel something other than what i'm feeling now. and booze isn't the answer. i've done my damndest to sty the hell away from it other than a drink or two here and there. not feeling anything has gotten me nowhere with her and i'm tired of not feeling. i just need something.

you were the places that i wanted to go

she and i talked on the phone for a few hours. it was just like the old days. only we're both a little bit older and she's seen a little bit of life and growing up now. this is amazing.
i suppose it's just amazing that after two years of barely speaking to one another and only meeting once that we'd get back in touch with one another and connect like it was just yesterday that we talked last. and lord knows that we've both had this connection. it's insane.
i suppose i'm just afraid that i'm jumping the boat on this one. i don't want my heart on my goddamn sleave anymore.